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What our customers say about us

R Taylor

Rossdale happily accommodated my self drawn plans and ideas and turned them into a home I love. Leon Margaritis interpreted my non- builder language with patience and good humour. I never felt as though anything was too much trouble to change. Steph Zeilonka , my office contact, answered emails in a timely manner. Matt Leonard project managed in a calm and professional way whilst being genuinely friendly and understanding. Linda Hutchinson - post build maintenance, attended to any concerns in a timely and friendly manner. The maintenance team and builders were friendly and professional.
Building is an exercise in patience. It wasn't the fastest build and its important to keep a perspective. I'd say allow longer than the projected completion date if you don't want to be stressed. Its inevitable that things will change or be delayed and alter the time frames.
Similarly with the pricing. Whilst the initial pricing was very low I allowed quite a bit extra for the final amount. This is because their standard spec range is quite limited and was not to my liking. As with all builders, their show homes include many products and featuresthat are not part of the standard specs.
Rossdale were very happy to include non standard products from other suppliers as long as I obtained written quotes and submitted them.
My house is finished to a high standard and there have only been minor maintenance issues which have been addressed promptly and in a friendly manner. I recommend having other tradesmen inspect the work after handover - they seem to love telling you if something hasn't been done properly. 18 months in I discovered my chimney flu wasn't installed to code and this was promptly dealt with.
The final cost was accurate to the cent with the contract price. Rossdale's fixed price guarantee gives peace of mind. I have recommended them to friends who are currently building.
My only criticism is that the process was not always clear from the written documents I was given and I had unnecessary anxieties about cost penalties that did not materialise.
Rossdale seem to genuinely care about the satisfaction of their customers.
Leon Margaritis


Our building consultant Leon Margaritis was amazing from start to finish even coming to our handover, the building supervisor Tom Parker was exceptional on site and very communicative both by telephone and email. We had issues with our neighbour with building on boundary and both Leon and Tom were more than helpful to assist with this frustraing matter which got resolved but did delay our build slightly. The quality of the build is very good and they didn't hesitate to fix any minor imperfections after hand over. I would highly recommend Leon Margaritis and his team to build to my friends and family, his knowledge and detail with council made the preconstruction process very simple and we didnt feel pressured throughout the building process.

Leon Margaritis


From the first appointment with James at Rossdale to discuss the options of our build to the handover with our fantastic building supervisor Matt, our build was flawless. Rossdale were very transparent and helpful & walked us through the entire process. James was always accommodating & never tired of my endless & naive questions. During the build there was open communication and the ability to view each stage as it progressed. Matt went above & beyond what was required of him & took the time to double check details before any mistakes were made. The trades are of the highest quality which resulted in the most professional & high standard build. I would definitely build with Rossdale again.

James Phillips


Hubby & I researched builders for a few years. Signed with one that went bankrupt & almost signed with another until finally going with Rossdale. They are hands down the best quality for the price. We did a lot of negotiation whilst still residing interstate. This was not a problem at all, we found everything straight forward & easy.

We dealt with Leon Margaritis. He was friendly & really helpful without being one of those obnoxious salesmen! He was prompt with phone calls, emails & clear communication. You never got the impression he was making stuff up, when he was unsure he would say so & get back to you with answers.
We found Rossdale very accommodating to our needs/requests. For example we really wanted a natural hardwood timber floor. For this to be done well it needs to be installed before the cabinetry. Builders don't usually allow this, flooring is done after handover. But management were willing to negotiate & work something out so that we could get the finish we desired.

The only thing we weren't 100% happy with was the 2nd fix carpenter. His finishes & attention to detail let the other trades work down. Having said this he no longer works for Rossdale. Being very picky now hubby & I also went over every weekend & swept out the entire house & put rubbish in bin etc so the worken came to a clean site each week (they were pretty messy) Overall we absolutely love our house. Very happy with the product, customer service & experience. We recommend Rossdale if you want a quality home for a great price. There are plenty cheaper but the quality is shocking & plenty that have exceptional quality but they cost a fortune.
Leon Margaritis


We started the process of building two houses in September 2015. There was a significant amount of preparation that was needed such as land division and engaging a private planner and organizing some of our own suppliers in addition to your regular council approvals etc. We originally chose a design that was off the plan and altered it so much that it was no longer considered off the plan but a custom design. I assume that this made the price go up quite a bit. During the planning stage, it felt like we had to always check the changes we requested on the plans and drawings at the next meeting because we noticed that these were not always being followed through on. There were bumps along the way where we expected a bit more communication with regards to where the process was at and what/who we were waiting on but once we received all the necessary approvals and signed the contract earlier this year, construction began in February/March and both houses were completed in July. We were amazed at how quickly and smoothly the actual build happened. Overall, we found Rossdale to be fairly reasonable as there were changes we made during the late stage planning process and where we would have been charged an additional fee, Rossdale waived it as a gesture of good will. Huge thanks to Leon (sales consultant), Damien (site / building supervisor) and Steph (customer liaison) who were always willing to assist whenever we called and that was much appreciated.

Leon Margaritis