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First Home Owner Friendly

As a first home buyer on a limited budget you need to be able to make your decisions based on knowing all the costs before you decide.

If not you may have to try and find extra money you may not have.
You don't want to have to go back to the bank to ask for more money.

As a first home owner it will often be that case that you will borrow the maximum they can initially lend you and may not be able to borrow more if variations come up during construction.

Have peace of mind that the price is not going to increase after you have signed.

You need an Absolutely Fixed Price before you are committed to a contract.

Rossdale Homes are Builder that can offer you the following:


  • Will listen to you and work with you to design what you want.
  • Has a range of designs that suit most allotments.
  • Is flexible and will develop or modify their designs to suit particular allotment types, ie narrow, corner or hammerhead blocks.

Specification (ie front elevation, taps, basins, tiles, paint finish etc.)

  • Has a quality standard range so there’s no need to upgrade after contract sign. - ie china basins / large range of tiles, bricks etc
  • Can offer a budget range of fittings if you want it.
  • Has access to an Upmarket range, and the trades to install it.
  • Has the interior design staff that will spend the time to help you make your decisions.


  • Will get your home into construction and has the supervision and trades to build it quickly to minimize our current rental costs or time at home with your parents.
  • Is able to process your design through the council approval process professionally.
  • Will liaise with your lender to ensure all approvals happen in a timely manner


  • Can give you value for money
  • Has a reputation for Quality of product and service.
  • Will build you a home you will be proud of and the ability to finish it with no long-term maintenance issues.
  • When something goes wrong, (and it can) they will be there to come back to fix it.


  • Is able to work with you to optimize the design, specification, and timing.
  • Is Flexible & Cooperative
  • Has a One-stop Shop

So how do you decide?

The temptation is to decide on price, but if all the other factors aren’t there your budget may get swallowed up.

Its not the price at the start that matters, it’s the price at the end that’s important.

What's the Real Price?

For more information on building as a first home owner contact us here.